Our Commitment

Our Mission

We want to ensure that you feel beautiful inside and out through each piece, every single day.

Created with Purpose

FortySixandFive was created to represent beauty in all shades, illuminate the powerful and unique stories that exist within our circles and to perpetuate the resilience that we have in us.

Psalms 46:5 means we are FAIL- SAFE, incapable of destruction. Our “ accessory necessities” are here to remind you of exactly what and who you are - POWERFUL, UNIQUE, RESILIENT.

Meet the Owner

“I created FortySixandFive because all women need to understand the power of unity and strength in understanding the beauty we possess. It’s defining and addressing inequity in beauty standards and giving all women a seat at the table of beauty. Our stories, our experiences, our skin, our shapes, are all welcome at Fortysixandfive and we love to celebrate it!"

– Taniesha

Founder and Creator

Psalm 46:5

God is within her, She will not fall; God will help her at break of day

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