Our Commitment

about-fortysix-and-fiveI operated my business as Ingenio Boutique for 3 years with the focus on the Latin word "talent" (which is translated Ingenio) as the focus. No more. As a Christian, I've lived enough to know that the passion God gives us to share is not about US.  It's definitely about others.

My life has gone through a tsunami of change and has really put my message into perspective.

In my first year of "tenure" into my new business, I would go on and on about the movement of women celebrating their natural beauty through my art and I loved that movement.  However, something was missing....

"God is within her ... she will not fall."
Psalms 46:5

It’s more than the beauty, the hair, the sassiness of #blackgirlmagic.  It’s about our God given ability to "make it" despite ALL of the obstacles that may come our way.  So my "changing the face of beautiful" has everything to do with beautiful meaning strong, effective, and powerful.  That beauty comes in all shades, shapes and sizes.  I choose to emphasize those underrepresented and bring light and love to them through my images.


I wanted to use my love of fashion illustration in my mugs. I was and am a natural Hair girl; being very versatile in my hairstyles! I needed that to shine through! So, one day I googled "beautiful woman" to spark some inspiration. I saw NO women of color. There were no words!

My mission became," Changing the face of "beautiful". Through each mug, each image, I am ripping down the walls of the status quo of media "beauty" and infiltrating the world with OUR beauty as well!

I've revamped my business and I'm thrilled! I've had lots of trial and error in building this brand, but I've gained so much knowledge and support.  This is going to be EPIC.  I can't wait! The part that makes me happy is that I get to empower women, little girls, sisters, moms, aunts, daughters, brothers, husbands and wives... Everyone....... Our images are beautiful.... We belong in the "beautiful" category ❤ And with GOD...we can do anything but fall!


Founder and Creator