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Girls' Trip and 46&5

Going through change causes things and people to change. drastically.

Fighting the tickle ( minimizing... it was really a ROCK) in my throat and the flow of tears trying to fall... I booked the matinee for 11:15 am. NO kids to watch, no dog to walk, no husband to cook and clean for... just me.

On the way to the movies, ( I have become very good at pushing pain away)... I prayed for the opportunity to laugh... laugh ... laugh and forget the cares and affairs of LIFE.  I was in for so much more.

I won't get into retelling the movie... but let me just say... Girls' Trip was the boost I needed for the day! I felt like Ryan in so many ways, and Jadas character in so many ways. Man.... I could identify with almost all of the characters. TIffany Haddish is my best friend in my head.

The theme was " You can have it all... LADIES!" And what a nice tie-in to 46&5. Yeah.... we can... especially with God on our side!

I went to the movie sulking in a "wallow" of self pity, pondering life and all that has happened in a year and left feeling lighthearted and fully charged to relaunch my business.

I'M determined to make God proud of me. 

Ladies, we can have it all with God! We go through stuff. It happens... But God sees it. We're good. We won't fall. 46&5

Taniesha Monique

46&5 CEO


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Girl I feel you everything is going crazy and I’m trying to be the best rock I can to represent my Lord and savior, I’m back home again with my mom and dad, I’m whating on the Lord for the renewal of my strength so I can sower and by his name I will be made hole again. PS call me anytime 813-507-5406!


So proud of you! ?

Jessica Corbett

Not sure all you have gone through but am definitely keeping you in my prayers! Much love to you ❤️

Laura Curry

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