35 Positive Affirmations for wealth, prosperity and peace.

35 Positive Affirmations for wealth, prosperity and peace.

Taking a leap to pursue a business venture is NOT EASY.  A steady paycheck has been the cornerstone of stability in the lives of 9-5ers that keeps many of us grounded there.  The thought of losing that kind of stability is terrifying.

I've always had a desire to pursue the "BOSS BABE" life.  With the promises of freedom, travel, and living through your passion, it was a goal that I longed for over many decades.

So I did it!  I took the leap.  I jumped. I decided to do it afraid and pursue a the boss life.  COLD TURKEY.  

With that decision came soooo many feelings and emotions!  Fear, triumph, anguish, pure joy, worry, jubilance and the list goes on of ebbs and flows within my feelings.  I needed to regulate this.

As a Christian, I was trusting God and wanted to find some affirmations that would help my mind to stay on the positive path.  I had realized that as we affirm , we begin to believe.  If I had some words or affirmations to speak every day... I could maybe channel this positivity path for my thinking and speak life into the business.  FortySix and Five (my business) will THRIVE.

But, I couldn't find any that spoke to my beliefs, my faith, and my circumstances.  So, I create them. I am sharing them with you.  


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